Saturday, August 1, 2015

10 Reasons I Love Breastfeeding

In honor of world breastfeeding week, I would like to post 10 reasons I love to breastfeed:

10. I know breastfeeding provides the best possible nutrition for my daughter. It allows me to let her eat all of the candy she wants and I don't feel guilty! Just kidding! 

9. Breastfeeding allows us to take a break and spend quiet moments together. It's our break from the crazy. We have days when we rush and are busy, sometimes we can't help that. But breastfeeding allows us both to take a breath and find our center. 

8. Breastfeeding fixes everything. Tired? Hungry? Thirsty? Teething? Take a tumble? Scared? There's a Breast for that. 

7. We don't have to spend money on formula. Breastmilk is freeeee! 

6. I don't have to wash bottles. That is awesome. 

5. I don't have to worry about packing bottles, formula, and water in the diaper bag. The other day I left the house with no diapers or wipes in the diaper bag. I don't want to even know what would happen if I had to remember one more thing! 

4. I've become empowered in a new way. I've learned to be more comfortable with my body (even -especially- my squishy postpartum body). I've learned to think of my breasts as having a real purpose. (Yep, the girls aren't here just to impress guys). 

3. I've become an advocate for breastfeeding parents everywhere. Isn't it funny how sometimes you don't really care about an issue until it effects you or someone you love? Well now I care about breastfeeding, deeply, and I deeply care about all of the breastfeeding parents and their rights. I will stand up for the mother who wants to breastfeed in public, or private, with a cover or without. I will stand behind the parent who wants to breastfeed, even when our culture sends discouraging messages- and gallons of free formula samples. 

2. Who would clean my teeth or pick my nose if I didn't breastfeed? And I love those big blue eyes staring at me. I love those milky smiles. And those milk drunk naps- they. are. the. best. 

1. My daughter is me and I am her. There's a constant ebb and flow between  us. My milk helps her grow and she helps make my milk. It's an incredible cycle of love and nutrition, giving and receiving. Breastfeeding my daughter has been this amazing life force between us, and it's something I will cherish for as long as I can.