Gentle Parenting

For our family, the term "gentle parenting" means treating each other with respect. It means that we don't use physical discipline, we don't shame or talk down to each other, and we try to chose words that are kind. Are we perfect? No. Have I yelled at my teenager? Yes. Do we all try and become better parents each day? Absolutely!

As we become more gentle parents, we try to remember to treat our children the way we would like to be treated. In addition to this, we try and think back to when we were children and how we would have liked to be treated. My husband and I both have loving families and we want our children to have the same.

I read some literature regarding spanking that changed the way I view physical discipline. I highly recommend reading it. You can read the literature from here.

I also recommend reading "10 Reasons Not to Hit Your Child" on Dr. Sears' website.

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