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Breastfeeding Information:

The best support system I have found has been through the Le Leche League. I have gone to meetings in my area and I have found them very helpful. One of my favorite breastfeeding supports has been my local Le Leche League Facebook group. I am able to post any question in this group and obtain a response from a group leader and other breastfeeding mothers. Whats better than getting intimidate breastfeeding help while rocking your baby and scrolling through Facebook? I highly recommend finding your local Le Leche League (LLL) Facebook group.

Le Leche League International

Le Leche League USA

Another great online resource is the Ask Dr. Sears website. On this site you can find tons of breastfeeding information and answers to common questions. Dr. Sears is the attachment parenting OG, so the information on this sight aligns with attachment parenting philosophy.

Ask Dr. Sears: Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Related Love:

One website I love to follow on Facebook is The Badass Breastfeeder. The blog is written by Abby Theuring, mother of two and a badass breastfeeding advocate. I have found her posts extremely encouraging! Following her blog helped give me confidence to nurse in public and be a proud breastfeeder.

The Badass Breastfeeder

You can learn more about Abby on her About Page.

Let's talk clothing! I plan on breastfeeding for a while, and I have found a great Work at Home Mom (WAHM) company that sells reasonably priced, super cute nursing clothing. So far have purchased two nursing shirts from her and I love them. The company is called Latched Mama and I highly recommend her products!

Latched Mama

When I first started nursing, I had very cracked nipples. Luckily, a friend had gifted me a wonderful product, Natural Nipple Butter, from Earth Mama Angel Baby. This worked wonders! Their product line is all natural and safe for mom and baby. They also have a product called Mama Bottom Balm, which I consider to be a miracle worker for postpartum hemorrhoids and general soreness. I also used their website to create a birth plan. I think they are a wonderful company!

Earth Mama Angel Baby

*At this point, no one has paid me to endorse any of these websites or products. I am just simply sharing what I have personally tried and enjoyed.

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