Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why I Encourage My Family to Wear My Baby

I love baby wearing! I also love to encourage my family members to wear my daughter. I do this because my daughter loves to be worn in a carrier and I want her to feel comfortable being worn by other people besides myself. I also feel like it strengthens the bond between her and that family member.

Sure, someone can just hold her or put her in a stroller, but that's not the same thing. She can't hear your heartbeat or feel your breath from a stroller. And I have to say, arms get tired after a while! 

My little brother is 17 and I encouraged him to wear my daughter in her Tula. He is always amazed at how calm and quiet she is when I wear her. He told me that he will have to remember all of the things I'm doing for when he has kids. I just love that he can see the benefits of babywearing and will pass that on. 

My husband and my 14 year old son wear her on a regular basis and they both enjoy it. It warms my heart to be passing on something that is good for both baby and family! 

My 17 year old brother wearing my daughter in the Tula

My husband wearing our daughter in the Tula
My younger sister wearing my daughter in the Moby Wrap

My 14 year old son wearing his sister in the Tula
This is me, wearing my daughter in her Tula

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